Wholesale Bakery and Manufacturer of Private Label baked goods

Nutri-Bake helps businesses and entrepreneurs introduce their own private labeling baked goods such as healthy protein bars, healthy low fat cookies, healthy low fat biscottihealthy low fat muffins and a variety of other specialty baked goods.

Get your own brand name for baked goods today!

We offer an end-to-end turnkey solution beginning from the development of the product all the way to its delivery to you. The key components of our service include:

Product Development => Manufacturing => Package Design and Packaging => Delivery

Baked Goods Product Development

Nutri-bake develops baked goods based on your custom requirements. We take the time to understand your product needs based on:
- nutritional value
- product size
- product appeal
- taste

Once we have a good grasp of your custom needs, we will prepare several product samples for you to taste. Refinements are thereafter made based on your comments. We are committed to working with you until you are satisfied.

Baked Goods Manufacturing

Once we have developed a product based on your requirements, we take care of production. You just have to tell us how many and when and we will take care of it. Nutri-Bake has a state-of-the-art, climate controlled manufacturing facility located in Laval, Quebec which is unique to the healthy baking industry.

Baked Goods Package Design and Packaging

Nutri-bake is set-up to take care of all your design, artwork and printing needs. We use a combination of in-house and outsourced expertise to ensure you are getting the best quality service for the price.

Once the design of your packaging is completed, our facilities will package each product accordingly.

Baked Goods Delivery

Just tell us where you want us to send you the product!

Contact Nutri-Bake today and let us help you make your dreams come true!