Private Labeling of Baked Goods

Through Private Labeling agreements, Nutri-Bake offers a range of options to Marketing companies and start up entrepreneurs, allowing them to produce specialty baked goods (Bars, Cookies, Muffins,) under their own brand names.
A growing trend in the mass food market and Global health food industry, this service is particularly popular with brand marketers, supermarket chains, stores, distributors, airlines, hotels. It allows organizations and individuals to take advantage of Nutri-bake's quality and expertise and state of the art manufacturing equipment, without the outlay of capital expenditure and deadly start up mistakes.

Baked Goods Private Labeling Options:

We provide flexibility to our clients by providing a range of options. Each Private Labeling Agreement is custom designed to meet client needs. Clients can choose from the following:

  • Produce an existing formula under a private label brand. ( Least Expensive and Quick)
  • Let our R&D Team help you develop a new formula for your companies private label brand.
  • Nutri-bake designs and produces a product and package specifically for a client subject to client approval.
  • Have a trade show and need a product brought in less than two weeks with labels for that show want to do a test run with your new product for a minimal cost to really grasp the target market without the outlay of capital expenditure. (Our Specialty Developing helps our clients succeed)
  • Want to start with Labels before going into printed film Material we can quote you product with labels included. Do you need graphic design? We can arrange that also in house at Nutri-Bake.

How do we support our Family of clients Step By Step ?

We like to make the experience as simple and straightforward as we can for our clients. A Nutri-Bake representative will advise you on the options available and walk the client step by step through each stage of the process selected to help realize your project or business dream quickly.

For a minimal cost, our R & D department will help you transform your idea into reality.

As we are experienced and are a small community manufacturer - our clients can cut their costs by piggy backing on our technical and creative solutions, we can assist the client with the packaging design, artwork and printing or we can make introductions to other designer and packaging manufacturers. We will help you all the way step by step.

To understand your needs better please fill out the Private Label questionnaire and our Private Label Manager will Get back to you and break down your needs and he will walk you through the best and least expensive way to get your project up and running.

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