About Nutri-Bake Inc

Nutri-Bake Inc is a Private Family owned and operated North-American based manufacturer of nutritional Baked Snacks with strong focus on Baked Protein Bars, Specialty Drop Cookies and all types of healthy snacks. for over 13 Years Nutri-bake is located in the beautiful city of Laval, Canada, ideal for a turnkey manufacturer due to its central location, low energy and labor costs, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is FDA registered (17277935826)

Nutri-Bake Inc’s Passion is headed By President/CEO Peter Tsatoumas trained as a professional chef with a master’s degree in baking who received his journeyman certification and his inter-provincial gold seal in 2000. He brings over 20 years of his passion and love for baking and blending that with his other passion nutrition and healthy eating for optimum health.

Nutri-Bake will do what it takes to not just get your business, but to keep it. Whether you are a large marketing company or a small start- up, every customer is equally important to the success of our company.
Nutri-Bake stands for high quality nutritional baked goods that push all flavor combinations not to compromise taste; we buy the freshest natural and nutritious ingredients from all over the world to be on the cutting edge floor only the best for our customers who join our family.
Today, our Customers are Old friend and new friends placed throughout Canada, the United States, South America, Europe and Far East Asia.

“In Life there should be no compromise Feeding your Body the best and Healthiest Baked Snacks that are Nutritionally sound with the Freshest Ingredients, But most Important Wowing your Taste Buds and Knowing you just got the best product at a good price that tasted good and filled you up.

Peter Tsatoumas CEO

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